Help us for a New Unified Graphics for GCompris

Currently the graphics are one of the weakest part of GCompris, as they were mostly done by the developers, using free graphics assets and sparse graphic artist contributions.

To address this problem, we found Timothée Giet, a talented graphic artist interested in working on a complete graphics redesign.  He is a long standing Free-Software contributor, active member of the Krita team and so part of the KDE community. Making new graphics for more than 100 activities is a big work, so we need your help to achieve this goal.

The project is not only about creating new background images but consists in a whole graphical rework. At first a graphic charter will be defined as none exists for now in GCompris. This will drive the project towards a unified style that it lacks today An emphasis will be done on usability, making sure the children find their way easily in each activity.

If you want to help, please consider making a donation and don’t forget to share this news in your community.


4 thoughts on “Help us for a New Unified Graphics for GCompris

  1. Will the development of the graphics charter be done in the open, and incorporate feedback from the
    KDE Visual Design Group and members of the public? Right now, I see several examples of (what I perceive to be) problems with the design in the example images provided. For one, the extremely low contrast used makes the images lack almost any depth. And the almost hairline-thin brush strokes used in the top image makes the image look stiff and formal, conveying the opposite of what I think a fun game for children should.

    Still, I think this is a very worthwhile project, and have donated money to it. A consistent artwork style for a game (or ‘educational suite’, if you prefer) like GCompris is very important, and has a great effect on the ‘feel’ (user experience) of the game.

  2. Hi,
    First, thanks a lot for your interest to support this project.
    Yes, when I’ll start, I’ll make ways for volunteers to give feedback on the graphics charter and help where possible, while keeping certain style features that I think are important for this project. I’ll provide as much informations as possible to document the initial graphics charter proposal intentions, so people can give constructive feedback to improve it.

    I’ll add a few lines to explain this on the project page.

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